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The clinic is Doleys Elysian be, and slots for patients to our hospital component of three new studies.
First Opioid Cognition Study: If you are aged between 19 and 65, you may qualify!This study is the relationship between chronic pain, use of analgesics, and thinking skills such as attention / concentration suchen.Die study includes a 3-hour meeting to a questionnaire, paper-pencil tests and tasks on a personal one. Benefits of participating receive a $ 40 entry of a paper, arsenic recovered as learning more about your own rational faculties in a feedback session with Dr. Leanne Cianfrini.We are looking for a) patients with chronic pain WHO take only short-acting opioid drugs, b) in addition to chronic pain patients who are looking for below zero pain medication, and c) healthy individuals without chronic pain. Whether you’re interested in learning more, please contact the study principal investigator sclerosis. Cady bung up, at (757) 718-2007, or cblock@uab.edu
2.Gewürzt Concern Pain Management Group Study: Our clinic is located in a study with the University of AL. The search is on citizens to manage their headaches seasoned better.An audit also includes participation in 8 weekly pain-management classes with different strain UN agency have chronic pain care. Apart from some of your time and effort to get transportation to the clinic, there is no bill for treatment. They would also fill out some forms before, during and after school to help, the researchers know if the classes were dutiful to you.
All information, call or e-mail Dr. Beverly Thorn to: (205) 348-5024 or mbct4pain@gmail.com
ThirdOpioid-induced constipation study: Assuming you are a) to complete 18 years of age, b) are among opioid analgesics for chronic non-cancer pain, c) began to experience constipation after the onset of pain medication, and d) are now under laxative therapy – Perhaps you have bailable for a free trial of a new subcutaneous constipation tablets of claim.
Please contact Dr. Leanne Cianfrini at: (205) 591-7246 or lcianfrini@gmail.com for a screening interview.
We welcome our patients, the enthusiasm and support for this research.All these studies are to be secured to improve patient care in th future entworfen.Die participation (or refusal to participate) in any of the above studies does not affect your medical treatment at the clinic Doleys.

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