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It is a story of adventure, acceptance and … Ducks.
Unit time nights, 30 children ranging from first to eighth grade on up in the auditorium of St. Roslyn bathroom of the church, navigate to the wings and rehearse their roles “come Honk! Jr.,” a shortened version of the Broadway musical “Honk!” ugly duckling on the.
The “chicken story”, describes how the music itself in the Virgin number, follows the story of Ugly, a duck, WHO, do not feel accepted, runs away from his farm and meets many different animals, while on his trip of self-discovery.This is the ordinal number “Broadway Junior” production, which was conducted during the St. John’s Summer Theater Program, directed by Judy Lounsberry accepted. She said she thinks the show is a lot of excitement for kids who are not interested in sports. The shows are paid for by the total number of fundraisers and donations … and all directors are volunteers.
For 14-year-old Aubrey Haggerty person who is in her fifth show at the Basilica, this performance is different on them before they have put all of music.”” Honk “is played much differently than everybody else because we do animals,” said Haggerty, counting, it was difficult because “it bring you to the adults interested in him.”
Many of the children have done several shows with the Church, and for Lounsberry and musical director Donna runt, the best part of the actors did grow out of small children in the lead roles with experienced colleagues.
“We are proud of the way Mama” runt, describes the seconds, the children take their bows on the night of the show. “You watch them and the state, ‘This is what those four months were for.’”
The show runs August.2-4 of 8 clock in the auditorium of St. Cross Church of the bathroom.

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Pasadena ban on plastic bags took Conclusion Sunday, bringing the city into line with an adult from other communities in the hope that California consumers off disposable bags into reusable quality of entwöhnen.Das to ban applies to supermarkets, shops remedy, liquor markets and convenience stores are everywhere where recycled paper can be sold for 10 cents more per piece. The ban also applies to farmers’ markets and other stores, sponsored by the city or place in built-up property.Large retailers Pasadena necessary to fulfill now, while smaller shops will associate an additional 6 months. Restaurants and fast food establishments are of the law, because the sanitary safety considerations, the city reported Sun
Ralphs and Food 4 Less stores offer free reusable bags to customers in the years leading up to the deadline, spokeswoman Kendra Doyel the “build up just to help them, the reusable hoarding, they will be ready.”
The prohibitions are to landfills, to reduce jelly verve and equipment and to promote sustainability.But Paul Little, Pasadena Chamber of Commerce president, said he thinks that there is not enough, his intentions. The ban, said element, “is a hood ornament on environmental protection, without impinging on the real positive environment.” The Chamber argued unsuccessfully for Pasadena to impose a 20 – or 25-cent fee on bags without a ban on their use.
“…. Ten cents is not enough to deter anyone but within places where they have [more charged] – within Europe, for example – they have staff 80 to 90% reduction in the use of plastic stacks seen” Teentsy said.Sue Vang, a policy associate with Californians against waste, an environmental non-profit interest group, said the 10-cent fee is in the works late into fine unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County, which shows a 94% reduction in all single-bag Since its effective use policy last year.ALSO:
Rockers try to pick up the pile JCPenney red light camera program sets ValeStadt
Deputy shoots armed Compton partygoers, officials say
- Beige Luciano-Adams, Times Community Info Photo: Stores in unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County – including Albertsons in this spot Demesne – are also subject to a ban on plastic bags. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Eras

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In a last ditch effort by JCPenney terminal keep their doors in San Fernando, the residents in planning their affection for the discomfort of its stores Sunday afternoon cruise parking in vintage cars from the Chicano band was serenading show.
The business, which retails for more than 80 years in the heart of town, anchor an outdoor mall, the walking formality for many residents, who has been to have no other form of transportation.Corporate owners of the store in Plano, Texas “have no idea how important they are to us,” said San Fernando City Councilwoman Sylvia Ballin, one of the organizers of the rally.
Ballin above it gives a letter to leaders JCPenney Friday imploring them to close the flip-flop decision, but they do not know if it will do any good. “They will more than likely say,” Hey, let us Join San Fernando to the curb, only halogen at least we get our message. “”
Maybe if Warfare boosts his 1975 hit “Why can not we be friends,” someone will hear it in Texas.A big box chain store “is not the kind of thing that people would normally get all sticky eyes,” said Diana Martinez, editor of the San Fernando Valley Sun, “but many of these families have all lived for generations and they have grew up with the business. ”
JCPenney Corporate officials were not reached for comment.
Deputies sprout man in Compton
Two killed, wounded ane aft shooting in San Diego
Police hope cameras are calm horse patrols fourthJuly beach parties
- Jack Dolan
Photo: The band members from the group War, at Griffith Park photographed in 2008 should, in the San Fernando Valley in an effort to save the valley JCPenney Store erscheinen.Bildnachweis: Karen Tapia-Andersen / Los Angeles Times

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Memorial Day events across California against Monday-module dupes of the fallen soldiers lose.
The Eras has a collection of stories about the 701 member companies and 474 other California based in California, which together have died during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Here are some statistics about California The Times of war ii the war has been compiled:
With hometown
San Diego 30
Los Angeles 29
Long Shore 13
San Jose 13
Stockton 9
Via marital status
Single Room 319
Wed 304
Committed 46
With the high school
Buchanan High (Clovis) 7
Hemet High (Hemet) 5
Simi Valley High (Simi Valley) 4
Exalted Leuzinger (Lawndale) 4
Hesperia Giant School (Hesperia) 4
By Sex
Masculine 685
Female 16
With the cemetery
Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside 78
Ft.Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego 45
City National Cemetery, Arlington, VA. 45
Applies Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, 18
Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier 16
Read more about war than at present in California alone.- Shelby Grade Photos: Top, William Brooks, 91, center, a veteran of World War II, survived the POW camps in Germany, and Negro player, 78, right, the service War II veteran who survived three ELD in the Japanese camp, credit such as the San Diego Young Marines immediate color during the inaugural Memorial Day at the new Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego.Uncle Tom Bever, 86, of Salvia, a veteran of World War II, died in his repects to pay his wife of 65 eld, Clara Bevers, a year ago, Memorial ceremony at the new National Cemetery in San Diego Miramar. “I’m coming week, because I Missy her,” said Bevers.”It’s all I have … a plague.” Jackelynn friend, 8, of San Diego, adds flowers – some of them took of their property – the flag-bedecked key from her grandmother, the Navy veteran Jessie Coats, during the Memorial Day ceremony at the new Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego.
(Allen J. scraping / Los Angeles Times / 24th May 2012)

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Title: Active ‘Green’ May Cut Hospital Costs
Category: Health News
Created: 2/21/2011 8:05:00 PM
Last Editorial Review: 2/22/2011

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The Doctor Is In

Dr. Yvette David makes a Filter House Call to tender us her prescriptions on a dangerous chemical found in canned foods, how a drink a day could preserve the doctor away, and the possibility of erectile dysfunction drugs ruining your hearing.

Title: Climate Change Extending Ragweed Season within Colder Climes: Study
Category: Health News
Created: 2/21/2011 8:05:00 PM
Last Editorial Review: 2/22/2011

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