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VFW Conference HallReno, Nevada12.35 Clock PDTVORSITZENDER: Thank you very honestly.Please, please, all have a Sitzplatz.Kommandant Denoyer, Thanks for your introduction, and your service in Vietnam, and instead of America’s veterans. I want to thank your Executive Director Bob Wallace; your next commander, I am happy with it, Lav Hamilton employs. And Gwen Rankin, Leanne Lemley, and the whole group of women who give you for your patriotic service to America. (Applause.) I stand behind you as our hearts ache still on the beat in Aurora, Colorado.Yesterday I was in Dayspring, with families whose passing is hard to believe – with the wounded, will recover to the fight, with a community and a military base in the middle of their Trauer.Und she told me about the loved ones they are missing. And here today, it is appropriate to remind the UN agency was wearing the uniform of our country: Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress – an Air Force reservist, 29 years old, a cyber-specialist UN agency loved sports, the kind of cat said a friend, someone to help würde.Petty Officer Third Class bathroom Larimer – remembered 27 years old, WHO, near his father and grandfather before him, joined the Navy, and who will be an outstanding shipmate.Rebecca Wingo – senile by the City, only 26 years, but – 32 years old, a veteran of the service, fluent in Chinese, which served as a translator, a mother whose life is an inspiration for her two little girls to sein.Und Jonathan Blunk Navy veteran of three tours, their home and friends will always know that in this building that he gave his own life to another to retten.Diese young patriots were willing to splash in distant lands, but they were of us here at taken home. And yesterday I have conveyed to their families on behalf of all Americans a message: we honor your loved ones. We salute their service.And how do you summon the will to build and keep bright their legacy, we support you united as one American family. (Applause.) Veterans of Foreign Wars, in you I seat duplicating superior values, the virtues that America great Vielfalt.Wenn our port city was bombed and fascism was on top of the march as soon as the fighting raged in Korea and Vietnam, where in our country this clear morning was attacked in September, once our forces were sent to Iraq – you answered your country’s call. As you know, what the Americans must always remember – our state stands alone because it patriots who are there to protect.In the crucible of battle, they were tested in ways the rest of America, faculty never cognise. Perform in your hearts the memory of comrades lost you. Everything for your understanding that we lost our honor fallen heroes on Memorial Day is not lawful, but all the days to haben.Und if an American is, or is taken prisoner, we must do everything in our power to her home to bring. (Applause.) Even after you took off the uniform, you are never stopped. She took to feed on each other – had earned the fight for the benefit and care of you.And you have custody of the generations that followed, including our most recent veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Place against all our men and women in uniform, and on behalf of the American group, I want to thank you, VFW. Convey to you all for your excellent work. (Applause) Of course, some of you – our Vietnam veterans – acquire not always mean that the gratitude, at least not on Zeit.Im past Memorial Day, I took both of you on the wall of the 50th Open to the anniversary of the Vietnam campaign. And it was another opportunity to say what you have said all along: You do your duty, and you made us proud. Arsenic and this 50thAnniversary continues, I would ask each of our Vietnam veterans to stand, or lift a hand, as we say: Thank you and welcome to marry. (Applause.) Every generation of you use to make us strong and free. And it falls on U.S. to keep those who hunt, what you have won. Four Ages ago, I stood before you in a time of great challenges for our country. We have been engaged in two wars. Al-Qaeda was in its non-toxic verschanzt.Viele havens in Pakistan, our alliances were frayed. Our reputation had suffered in the world. We were in the worst recession of our lifetime.Placed anywhere in the world in question, whether the United some still had the size to carry Says.Also, four eld ago, I gave you a promise. I promised to take the fight to our enemies, and renew our leadership position in the world. Arsenic President, that’s what I did. (Applause.) And as you flip through recent years, as we face the challenges that we a nation of arsenic and lead, look what is required, you have not only my words, you have my deeds. You have my copy track. You have the promises I made and the promises I swore gehalten.Ich to end the war in Iraq honorably, and that’s what we did.(Applause.) When I took office, we removed nearly 150,000 U.S. troops from Iraq. And some said that our troops bring them home end of the year was a mistake. They would unabated tens of thousands of our armed forces in Iraq – indefinitely, without a clear hunting. Well, if you are Commander-in-Chief, you have to thank the troops, a plan, you owe the country a plan – and that includes the recognition is not fair, when to go to war, but also how they Finale.Also we brought our troops home responsibly. They had their heads in the vicinity of high command, knowing they gave the Iraqis a chance to forge their own future.And today, Americans are not able to fight Al-Iraq, and we are immodest of all Americans who served there. (Applause.) I promised to dig it a priority to the terrorists who had attacked us together 11.9. And as a participant, I said that we, whether Osama bin Laden in their sights, we would have to tackle in order to secure America – even if it is determined in Pakistan. Some of you remember, at the time that comment Histrion something of a criticism. But since I took office, we have with our allies and our partners to conclude a more peak power al-Qaeda leaders than ever previously worked for 9/11.And gratitude for the courage and skill of our armed forces, is Osama bin Laden never again to threaten America, and al-Qaeda is to defeat al the way. (Applause.) I promised to finish the job in Afghanistan. After years of drift, we would break the momentum of the Taliban, and build the capacity and ability of the Afghans. And in addition to working as our commander, we came up with a new strategy, and we’ll do to ordered extra forces on the job. This is still an uphill battle. But thanks to the amazing achievements and sacrifices of our soldiers, they pushed the Taliban rear, we train the Afghan armed forces, we have begun the transition to Afghan leadership.Once again there are those who argue against a timeline, all for ending this war – or to speak against public about it. But you know what, this is not no plan for America’s security. After 10 years of war have made and given the progress we are, I felt it was important that the American group – know our plan to end this war responsibly – and our men and women in uniform. (Roar.) And so to the end of this summer, will come a lot of our troops 30 000 hole. Next year, the Afghan leadership is to carry all their own for their security. In 2014, the transition will be complete.And even as our troops come home, we are people a strong partnership with the Afghan people, and we will be vigilant to ensure that Afghanistan never again remain a source of all enemy attacks America. (Support.) We are not the only this war, we do it in a mode that achieves our goals. In addition, it is allowing us to expand our vision and the beginning of a newfound era of American leadership. We are run from Europe to the Asia-Pacific region, with alliances that never been stronger. We lead the fight against nuclear threats.Nations that grants not be put off to the world with nuclear weapons -. We have applied the strongest ever sanctions on Iran and North Korea (Praise.) We are leading on behalf of the state – standing with people in the Middle East and North Africa, as their demanding rights, to protect the Libyan kingdom, as the world of Muammar al-Gaddafi to befreien.Heute we are also in use for a transition, so that the Syrian ancestry have a better future, sell the Assad community.And the regime of fixed Chemic weapons stockpiles, we will continue to demonstrate and Assad were those around him, that the observed world, and that they are held accountable by the international community and the United States, they should use the tragic mistakes of the this firepower. (Applause.) And we will continue the activity with our friends and our allies and the Syrian opposition in the name of the day, when the Syrian relatives a government who live their basic rights and freedom and bravery in order respects we haben.Weil on the world leads, person, people, a radical attitude toward America.There is more confidence in our leadership. We see it everywhere we go. We saw it as a grateful Libyans waving American flags. We see it everywhere in the world – when people are asked which state do you admire the most, a nation is at the top – the United States of America. (Applause) Truthful this progress that we made the brilliant service haben.Dank of our men and women in uniform, we are behind a decade of war winding, we are destroying the terrorist network that attacked the United States, we are strengthen alliances to extend our values.And now every American can be proud that the Federated States safer and stronger and respected in the world ist.Und allows each of these United States, another insurance company that I will meet four years ago – the strengthening of our military. Aft 10 years operations, our soldiers are getting fewer and shorter periods, which means more time on the home front to keep their families strong, more time to heal from the wounds of war, more time for the readiness and prepare for the future to improve Bedrohungen.Als President I have to continue historic net capital expenditure, to our armed forces strong.And guided by our new defense strategy, we will continue our military superiority. It is unsurpassed as a long-term, as President, and I’m well into the prox. We have the best trained, best led, best equipped military in history. Arsenic and Commander-in-chief I will also stay mode. (Applause) It is the political season – and of the fixed route, all the rhetoric recently, let’s set the record straight on the budget. These large, occur in-the-cuts, including defense, said the Congress would be adjacent years when they could not reach a deal to reduce the deficit?Let us understand, should be done primarily, there is nary purpose of this is because the people in Congress should be able to come together and agree on a plan, a balanced approach to reducing the deficit and keep our military strong. It should be through. (Applause.) And there are a number of Republicans in Congress who do not want you to know that most all of them voted for those cuts. Now they are trying to pull out of the affair, which she agreed. Instead of hard decisions in order to shrink the deficit, they would rather protect tax cuts for some of the richest Americans, even if there are major cuts in our military risk.And I must tell you, VFW, I agree with the judgment nicht.Wenn between tax cuts that the wealthiest Americans do not need to live and to fund our troops who need it definitely made our country strong, I will support our troops each lonely time. (Applause.) So let’s stop playing politics too close to our bailiwick. Let us teach and to reduce our deficit and keep our military strong.Leave us some of the money that we save because we did not fight in Iraq and as we finish off in Afghanistan – sometimes use that money, reduce to our deficit, we use half of them to do something to build nation- Says here in the United of America. (Acclaim.) Let’s keep the support of our amazing military families. For the first time ever, we have families of military personnel and veterans, a shutter priority has been made not only in defense, not only at the VA, but in the entire government. As Richard mentioned, this was a mission for my wife, Michelle, and the evil President Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, the partners.Today, more people across America are in every part of society Connexion Forces, to our military families and support the credit they deserve. (Praise.) And there are different way to honor those we serve UN organization kann.Es no crime can be more for fraudsters to give themselves bad, like heroes, but one thing is certain – it is despicable. So this week we will have a new website to start a life of memories, so you can see the American family, who was awarded our nation’s highest awards. Because no American hero should ever stolen valor. (Praise.) This leads me to another promise I made four years agone – holy defense of America Holding our veterans. To ensure I do to strengthen the VA, and has been kept swearing. In my first year, we achieved the largest percentage increase within the VA budget in 30 Jahren.Und we are actively preparing to hold historic investment in our veterans. When Richard arrived in the Oval Office, we talked about what this automatic budget cuts – sequestration – might mean for the VA. True, my administration has made it clear that your veteran benefits are the sequestration. They are freed.(Applause.) And because advance is now the law of the land resources, is protected veterans welfare of the budget battles in Washington. (Applause.) I promised you that I stand up for veterans Gesundheitswesen.Wie long as I am president, I will not allow VA health care into a voucher system, the vagaries of the insurance market can be rotated. Some have all spoken out in favor of this plan. I could not disagree more. They do not require coupons, you need the VA health care that you deserve and that you hang next. (Applause) So we have made dramaticinvestments offer care for our veterans afford feed.For our Vietnam veterans, tells us that now more diseases are probably your exposure to Agent Orange linked. As a result, our judgment was awarded the Vietnam-era vets and their families pay a nearly 4 billion disability. She needed to be fought all for it. We heard you and we have done it. (Roar.) We have added to our mobile clinics bucolic veterans; much customized support for our women veterans; unprecedented brace for veterans with traumatic injuries intelligence. All tolled, we have made health care available to Virginia in the vicinity of 800000 veterans who were not there before. (Applause.) And we are currently able to support families and carers with the skills and scholarship, to care for the veterans who love to handle feed leisten.Selbstverständlich more veterans in the group more claims. So we have thousands of claims processors set. We are investing in paperless systems. To their credit, are the dedicated people attended the VA now a million claims per Jahr.Aber it’s been a tidal wave of brand-new claims. And again I hear from veterans ready for months or ELD, for your benefit – it is not acceptable. And we do something about it.(Applause.) We take all those people UN agency processes your claims Agent Orange – more than 1,200 experts – and gives them a new mission: to attack the backlog. We prioritize veterans in the vicinity of the most serious disabilities. Heaped-up work and the VA and Defense Module harder toward a seamless transition as new veterans not only of the order backlog connected. And we will not rest – I will not be satisfied until we get this right werden.Und today I am calling upon all to the UN organization that supports our vets complete their claims – state VAs, doctors and veteran groups like the VFW – U.S. join.You know how this can be better, so let us through, are also determined for both Seiten.Wir to the urgent request of our veterans with PTSD. Thousands of consultants and a lot more doctors, more care and more treatment – We have poured enormous resources into this fight. And we have made it easier for veterans with PTSD to qualify for VA benefits. But after a decade of war, there is now an epidemic. We lose more soldiers killed – Cardinal every single day – as we fight bist.Einigen estimated that about 18 are veterans get their lives every day – more than combined each year, the troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.This is a tragedy. It’s heartbreaking. It should not be to the One I USA.Wenn States so on soldiers and veterans who have the courage to help movement had, without listening to Cotton, who died waiting for the Associate is anger. And I Secretary Panetta, President and Secretary Shinseki told Gladiator, we have to do better. These must all carry our message to the deck Glucinium.Also to everyone who has ever flipped the uniform – if you are injured, it is not a sign of weakness, hope to help, it is a sign of strength.And if you do that, we will be there and do more to help – including more counselors and clinicians to mend you. We must stop this tragedy, VFW. (Applause.) And we are working actively to make it vorübergehen.Also, even with our campaign to end homelessness for our veterans. We have now helped to bring tens of thousands of veterans of the road and into a permanent structure. This has to be a center, for not every veteran UN agency for America should be to have a house in America has fought. (Applause) And this brings me to my last promise, I would like to discuss near you.Four years ago, I said that I do what I could to realize the American dream for our veterans in order to win you build a stronger America do. Aft all our veterans have the skills that America wants. So today is our economy growing and create jobs, but it is still found to be too bad for people to be tons of work, especially our young veterans, our veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. And with a million more troops re-entering civilian life in the coming years – and looking for business – we have to step up our game in every stage of their career.So present, I am announcing a major overhaul of our Transition Assistance Program. We are setting up a more ‘reverse boot camp “for our departing military personnel. Starting this year, they are more personal support as they plan their careers. We provide the training they provided, to find that job, or look for this training, whether to start this company. And how they have maintained their military readiness, we are setting new standards of someone “career readiness.” In addition, make the past post-9/11 GI Bill is a priority, we have more than 800000 veterans and their families helped their training, I’ve fortzusetzen.Und issued an executive put in the correct position of an end to schools that are ripping off our veterans. (Applause.) I have based the federal government to step up to the job. Since I took office, we have hired a lot of 200 000 veterans in the national government. We have made it a priority. (Applause.) And we are pursuing – every organization, every department: What are you doing anything for our veterans, I have to have community health centers, thousands of veterans such as doctors and nurses called into question?.And because we are helping communities engage new police officers and firefighters and first responders, we give a preference for Veteranen.Wir are also a lot to fight veterinarians employed in the private sector to get. With new tools to our on-line veterans like Dune jobs, we connect directly to veterans in jobs. We help thousands of veterans get all the good paying jobs for certified production. We have succeeded in passing tax credits for companies that hire our veterans and our wounded warriors.And this morning, I signed in teaching the skills to exploit veteran jobs – making it easier for all veterans of their outstanding military skills in the licenses and permissions they need to get transferred civilian jobs. (Applause.) If you are a young man who is on a train or millions of dollars in equipment and assume responsibility, or you’re an herb of the field, save lives every single day – when you sink into, you need to be credentialed and quickly so that you can achieve in the workplace allowed. Ancestors should understand, however, you are qualified.(Applause.) And it should not be bureaucrats or Runarounds. We need these people to work setzen.Letzte season I have also challenged the private sector to rent or to train 100 000 veterans or their spouses. Michelle and Jill Biden have assumed a leading role, ready Joining Forces.Dann Until now, thousands of patriotic or company hired more than 90,000 veterans and spouses trained. And our message to business is simple: if you be who gets the work done want, then rent a veterinarian. (Acclaim.) Hire a Vet. Hire a vet and they will consider you as arrogant U.S. has made.And we are for war veterans who want to start their own businesses, including a lot of training in entrepreneurship. It is one of the reasons we have to cut taxes – 18 times a company veteran for the Elfin companies, including. And the effects ripple out, because veterinarians are very likely mieten.Also vets today, we can tingle Fortschritt.Viel for veterans to find work, the unemployment rate for veterans was falling. Yes, it is still too high, but it will come down. And now we have to keep this momentum up.It is the cardinal reason why I proposed to Congress a Veterans Jobs Army unit that is already in our veterans put back to work to protect and rebuild America. And today I am again calling on the Congress: Give this veteran corps jobs and expand the tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, we give these American heroes, the jobs and opportunities they deserve. (Applause) So, VFW, these are the promises that I made. These are the promises that I ungebrochen.Wo we have more to do, we will not rest. This is my oath to you. I’ve got your back. I got your six.Because we have a solemn obligation to those who serve, not only for the age you are in uniform, but for all the decades that follow, and because even if today’s wars will end, the hard work to win support for our latest veterans has hardly begonnen.Selbst as one America, we are protected in the past of our country to the next generation, stronger and safer and revered in the world gehen.Also if someone reports to you that our greatness is gone try that in America decline is understood, they’ll take from this: Just like the 20th The 21st century will again be a great American Century.Because we are Americans, with their superior form of government that ever man-made, an ideology that is blessed freedom and committed to the ideals still light the world conceived. We apologize for faculty never live our way, we never Faculty in its defense are nachlassen.Wir a nation, the liberation of millions, turning adversaries into allies. We are the Americans who defended the order and turned bet on aggression. We are an American UN agency welcomed our world and our global responsibility Führungsposition.Die United States has been and will remain, an indispensable condition in world politics.And you, you are the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to the beach guards, have kept us strong. We honor your legacy. And we make sure the module that you served the military and the U.S., which we love, the greatest force for freedom the world has ever seen bleibt.Gott bless you. God put all of our veterans. And God bless the United States of America. (Clapping.) RUN OUT 13.08 clock PDT

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What does it really mean when a man says: “I love you, but I’m not with you Dotty?”

there that I love you you love your house similar
and then there’s the love you as I care within romantic.

“This is a global struggle, and it is one that the U.S. must lead their … Looking back at the history of the HIV / AIDS, you will see that no other country has more than this country, and this is evidence of . our leading position as a country, but we can not be complacent “
-. President Obama, first December 2011

Since the 19thInternational AIDS Conference comes in the USAfür the newcomer time since 1990, thanks to elevate partisan action of President Obama and Bush and the Congress, the ban on residents of HIV entry into the country, we are halogen a turning point in the fight against AIDS. As the world’s largest donor, we see an AIDS-free generation in sight. As President Obama said on World AIDS unit time, we will win this fight.

The Obama administration has already taken measures to protect the sheet against HIV / AIDS by strengthening the scientific investments that human prevention and care for people with HIV turn revolutionized.We are focused on music to enhance arsenic umteen life as possible sperren.Wir the President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund for greater impact and sustainability.

to create an AIDS-free generation

Under the Obama administration, PEPFAR has achieved unprecedented progress, coupled structure established the solid foundation of the Plant administration. Today, PEPFAR treatment is almost four and a half million people, and we are on track to meet President Obama’s World AIDS Day commitment to reach millions of people besides the cardinal treatment of end of 2013.In 2011 alone received more than 40 people are HIV Cardinal testing and counseling services, including 9.8 million pregnant women – a 88% increase since 2008

pal among countries, donor countries and multilateral organizations -. To an AIDS-free generation to create the President has stressed the need of mutual responsibility. The U.S. is the largest contributor to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, battle, where our donations financed leveraged from other donors, the effect of multiplying the dollar alone could do.We performed an urgent one effort to ensure the fund’s resources are spent effectively and efficiently. PEPFAR and the Global Fund are very dependent on each other – together in support of more than 70% of every person on treatment worldwide 2011.Das is why President Obama has a historic commitment of $ 4 billion to the fund over 3 years.

Religious organizations and civil society are important partners in efforts to create associate AIDS-free generation. Public-private partnerships will continue to play an important role in PEPFAR response, the expansion of the entire pool of resources available.Creating an AIDS-free generation is only through a joint responsibility of all who struggle to be achieved.

American Leadership in Action

As we begin to see the beginning of the end of AIDS, we reflect on how far away we reported in the fight against this pandemic kommen.Im 1981, the Centers for Power and Illness Prevention (CDC), the first cases of AIDS. Since this initial discovery, the U.S. government and global response to the scientific research by the National Institutes of wellness (NIH) and other U.S. government agencies has led sponsored basis.One of the most notable developments was the introduction of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the mid-1990s, the HIV-infected patients, their medical help. However, were low and middle income by the pandemic devastated. By 1999 an estimated 34 million people worldwide were living with HIV, more than 20 million south of the Sahara in Africa. In some countries, was one of three adults are HIV-positive.

It was clean, that leadership was necessary. In 2001, in addition to the leadership of the United States, said the merged Nations Security Council of the AIDS epidemic, a safety problem.In 2002 the U.S. government made the founding contribution to the Global Money to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Within the 2003 President George W. Bush announced a transformative program – the President of Design for Emergency AIDS Relief. PEPFAR’s initial focus was on providing an emergency response: to prevent HIV infections recent, provide life-saving antiretroviral treatment, and provide compassionate care and sanctions for those infected and pomp of the disease, including orphans and vulnerable children [V22. ]
PEPFAR has always been the recipient of bipartisan support.In the first five years, Congress appropriated more than $ 18 billion for PEPFAR. Arsenic in 2012, has more than $ 37 billion were all made for bilateral HIV / AIDS programs. Emphasized the importance of relationships and leadership of each country in response to their own nation epidemic – especially since Congress authorized it in 2008, PEPFAR has adapted to the transition from relief to one of sustainability and accountability

Sounding Up [V26. ]
The Obama administration remains steadfast in its commitment to people with or affected by, HIV in the world.The next phase of PEPFAR will focus on the implementation of scientific advances in recent programmatic efforts to save even more lives. While we still have work for us, especially to the success and impact of PEPFAR, ongoing relationship and state promotion of shared responsibility, together we become a healthier, safer world

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Kinetic across the U.S. with parrots …?

I can move anywhere in the U.S. (from Seattle, WA to Wash, DC), and metal recovery my 5 parrots with me (3 conures and 2 macaws). I am looking for ways to move safely, without seeking trauma.

, we will not judge them shipping, or check them.

Has anyone done such a feat of their own, they are happy to share any lessons?

Anyone else have any ideas?

We lease / purchase of a motorhome have discussed … has anyone tried this, and thinking to say, how well it worked? (Shout KOA sites tolerant to pets?)

PS We are aware of the problems of the legal status of ducks in various conditions (zBeinige keep some of them agricultural pests), CITES issues, and at the end of the quarantine, health certificates, etc., and all are ringed and / or is chipped. The question is only the logistics of moving them safely and with minimal stress.

“We have to keep refining our strategy, then, that we save as many lives as possible. We must perceive, if the scientific community is focused on prevention.Therefore, such a situation of politics, we are now investing in what works -. For medical procedures to promote healthy activity “

President Obama, December 1, 2011
Towards an AIDS-free generation

Prevention and treatment go hand in hand, as we try to implement President Obama’s vision of an AIDS-free generation. American leadership has not only produced breakthroughs in prevention efforts, it also has unprecedented access to a breathtaking range prevention efforts to millions of people in America provided and crossed the globe.

Since 2009, the prevention breakthroughs with American investment support in scientific research:

1) The discovery that the treatment of HIV in the vicinity of people living not only improves their well-being, only reduces the risk of transmission to others.
2) A finding that the use of HIV drugs safely reduced the risk of sexual acquisition in men and women at high risk for HIV screen.
3) The discovery of an effective microbicide to prevent HIV transmission to women
4) The approval of the first local rapid HIV kit interview, the people who can get results in 20 minutes.
5) The discovery of significant state correlates of HIV protection that can help organize the discovery of an effective vaccine.

On the domestic first since 2000, HIV infection rates in the United Says have remained stable at approximately 50,000 new infections throughout the year.To revive leadership and responsibility in the domestic response to HIV, the Obama administration released for the first time a comprehensive national HIV / AIDS scheme (NHA), the four specific objectives: to reduce the bright HIV infection; increase right, hard work and improvement of the results in order to reduce HIV-related health inequalities and injustices, and to achieve a more coordinated national response to the epidemic. Continued implementation of the National Strategy means:
? Concentration of spending on science-driven HIV prevention through the promotion and expansion of evidence-based targeted approaches to HIV prevention.? Making smart investments by the intensification of HIV prevention in the communities where HIV is most concentrated.
Rising entrance to HIV screening and medical care, including final implementation of the Affordable Care Act.? Support for a reciprocal response to the broken pestilent thorough support of HIV prevention work hard at all levels of U.S. society, including the federal, provincial and municipal administrations, centers of learning, religious communities and the private sector.

On the global front, the U.S. President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the world leader in implementing a wide range of activities that an effective prevention against the epidemic trend werden.Antiretrovirale treatment long saved my life and now we have reason to say that it even 96%, in preventing transmission to others. Pediatric HIV can be eliminated and PEPFAR world is a world leader in efforts to prevent mother to child transmission, infant infections prevented 200,000 in fiscal 2011, anti-social.In recent years, research has shown that voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) is a cost-effective process that has reduced the risk of female-to-person transmission of more than 60% – and the benefits are life long. The U.S. has supported more than one million male circumcisions in the past few years, and PEPFAR is leading the world in support for a rapid expansion of VMMC are

Key pointed prevention measures. HIV testing – will go check if it comes to preventing the spread of HIV.Fluency of ones HIV status is a prerequisite for access to treatment and appropriate preventive measures to stay safe or to protect others. In 2011 alone, PEPFAR supports testing for more than 40 million people. Spurn a significant increase in the number of Americans tested, nearly one in five live within the 1.1 million Americans with HIV is now carelessly his or her pollution.HIV testing technology was essentially the entire event all for earlier diagnosis, rapid tests and early July 2012 improved, the first over-the-counter home-use rapid HIV tests test kit so that the Americans tools to test just in under 40 minutes.

Condoms – When used consistently and correctly, latex condoms highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV.In heterosexual relationships where one partner is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative, condoms were used consistently once HIV-negative partner were 80% less likely to be infected than those in similar relationships in which condoms were not used. For this reason, the USist has long been a leading supplier of condoms for HIV prevention in the developing world, and condoms are a key ingredient in local prevention efforts.

as a preventive treatment – antiretroviral therapy has saved many years of life, and now we have proof that it is also very effective in preventing transmission to others.The May 2011 National Institutes of Health HPTN 052 study showed that effective treatment of a living person besides the risk of HIV transmission is reduced to the heterosexual partners of 96%.

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) – Pediatric HIV is eliminated können.PEPFAR be the worldwide leader in efforts to prevent mother to child transmission, infant infections prevented 200,000 in fiscal year 2011 alone. Says in the united mother-child transmission has dropped by 90% since the early days of the 1990s.

For the love of medical male circumcision (VMMC) – In recent years, research has shown that these low-cost method reduces the chance of women-to-male transmission of more than 60%. PEPFAR is leading the world in all support for a rapid expansion of the VMMC, and has a south cardinal male circumcision in sub-Saharan Africa in the past supported eld.

prevention programs for people at high risk for HIV infection and people living with HIV – individual, small group and community interventions for people who are at high risk of HIV infection and for the people can reduce HIV risk behavior and could associate pirouette important role in many comprehensive HIV prevention strategies.

Material Abuse Treatment and the right to childless syringes – Strong drug abuse out that people stop injecting drugs helps the risk of HIV transmission are eliminated through needle-sharing and has also been shown to reduce risky sexual behaviors .In addition, the increased availability of sterile syringes with significant reductions in HIV risk verbunden.Reduzierung or termination of the non-injection drug use, including severe beverage activity can also prevent HIV.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) – For HIV-negative individuals, with a daily medicine of anti-retroviral drugs has been shown that to reduce the risk of infection among gay and bisexual men Arsenic Arsenic fine heterosexual men and women . Effectiveness of the manager depends on how severe an individual follows the prescribed treatment.

high-impact prevention for switches populations – There is ample evidence for the effectiveness of a core set of interventions for most-at-risk populations, the package of services includes prevention, risk reduction, including partner reduction, counseling ; condoms and related services, HIV and STI screening and reporting, HIV care and coverage, and comprehensive treatment services for drug users, with people who inject drugs UN agency.Ensure

Looking to the future

stretching the taxpayer dollars and that the HIV Prevention – As part of the National HIV / AIDS Strategy, the Center for Disease Adjust on a high-impact prevention approach , will increase cost and realign equipment have to operate the largest epidemic of contact have the greatest effect.

The World AIDS Day 2011, President Obama declared that he would demand the development of prevention activities for those. In the adjacent 2 years realizes the U.S. module is more than 1.5 million HIV-positive pregnant women with antiretroviral drugs in order of fugacious of the virus to their offspring ruled out, takes over the distribution of more than 1 billion condoms: PEPFAR, and to support more than 4.7 million VMMCs in eastern and southern Africa. PEPFAR also works to increase the use of rapid test kits to more widespread and routine HIV testing within and outside of facilities to enable state.

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Paul Lepage, the IRS is the new Gestapo

Governor Paul LePage of me, on his weekly radio code it used to blow up President Obama’s health care law, and then describe the Internal Revenue Service, as the recent Gestapo.

EXECUTIVE ORDER ——- taking additional ladder to
AdresseDie National Emergency CREDIT to the authority vested in me SomaliaVon as president of the Charter and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Exploit ( 50 USC 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergency Act (50 USC 1601 et seq.) (NEA), section 5 of the United Nations Participation Decree (22 USC287c) (UNPA), and § 301 of the Caption 3, USA Standard, I say, Barack Obama, President of the coalesced of America to take additional steps to the woody national emergency with respect to the situation in Somalia declared in Executive Order 13 536 of 12th April 2010, in view of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2036 of 22 authorities February 2012 and resolution 2002 of 29To generate export of charcoal from Somalia, the significant revenue for all Al-Shabaab, the misappropriation of Somali public assets, and pledged certain acts of bombing resistant civilian population in Somalia, each of which the deterioration of July 2011, and the address security situation and the persistence of hostility in Somalia hereby ordered to: Section 1§ 1 (a) of Executive Order 13 536 is hereby amended to read as follows: “(A) All property and interests in property that are in the United States that come later in the United States, or that are or hereafter in potentially come from any organism or legalize the United States, including any foreign establishment, the people behind exports blocked and can not be transferred, paid, withdrawn or otherwise dealt in: (i) the persons listed in the appendix to this indictment and (cardinal obligation) any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury,within counseling in the vicinity of the Secretary: (A) to have engaged in the Acts that directly or indirectly threaten the peace, safety, strength, or of Somalia, including not just limited to: (1) actions that the Agreement Djibouti, 18Endanger August 2008, or the political process, (2) acts that threaten the Transitional Federal Institutions of Somalia or incoming government institutions, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and other proximal international peacekeeping operations are in Somalia, or (3) acts , embezzle to Somali masses assets, (B) the initiation of humanitarian aid to Somalia, or accession to, or distribution have hindered humanitarian assistance in Somalia, to (C), which comes directly or indirectly, sold, transferred, or to Somalia or was the owner of the territory of Somalia haveArms or fossil material or technical advice, assistance or training, including financing and financial assistance related to military activities, (D) to be responsible for or complicit in, or for ordering, controlling, or otherwise directed or participated have the commission of atrocities against civilians in Somalia, including killing and maiming, sexual and gender-based violence, attacks on schools and hospitals, hostage taking, and expulsion; move (e) to a political or military point of view or use children in armed conflict in Somalia his; (F) are involved,directly or indirectly, in the import or export of charcoal from Somalia on or after 22Have (G) substantially supported, sponsored, or financial, material, logistical or technical support for or goods or services to support the activities described in subsections (a) (ii) is performed (A) (f) of this clause or any person; Februar2012 whose property and interests in property blocked pursuant to this order are, or
(H) to the possession or control, whether someone has acted or purported to act on behalf of if, directly or indirectly, any person whose property and interests in property blocked pursuant to this order. “Drying 2.(A) The importation into the United States that is directly or indirectly forbidden by charcoal from Somalia. (B) The prohibition in paragraph (a) applies in this section except to the extent the articles of association so provides, or inVorschriften, regulations, policies or licenses that may be in accordance with this order, and may notwithstanding any contract entered into or any license or permit before the date of this Reihenfolge.Sec utile. Third (A) Any transaction that withdraws or avoids, has the purpose of evading or avoiding, leading to a violation, or attempts to spread violate any of the prohibitions in this order is prohibited.(B) Any conspiracy formed to oppose any of the prohibitions program, in that order ist.Sec prohibited. 4thFor purposes of this order: (a) the word “person” means a person or entity, (B) The term “device” means a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, company, group, subgroup, or other organization; (C) the term “U.S. person” each United Resources Says citizen, permanent resident alien, entity under the laws of the coupled states, or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or from a location in the United newly formed states,and (D) the term “coal” means any goods classifiable in heading 3802 or 4402 of the harmonized excise duty Schedule of the United Staaten.Sec. 5.The head of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of Say authorizing such actions to take including the adoption of rules and regulations, and each employing authority to the President of IEEPA and the UNPA is granted, it may be necessary carrying out the purposes of this order. The head of the Treasury, one of these functions, several redelegate to officers and agencies of the United Says Government in accordance with applicable law.Each of the agencies of the United States Government are hereby directed to take all appropriate measures to fulfill their rule to the inside of the provisions of this bid to bringen.Sec. 6.Dieser Order is not intended to and does not, create any false or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in assets with a gala at the United States, its departments, agencies or companies, its officers, employees or agents, or each other Person.Sec. 7th This order is east to 14.00 clock summer time on 20 July 2012 in force treten.Barack Obama

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Fact Sheet: President Obama’s work to our families and Veterans Military Honor

On Monday, 23 July turned to President Obama, the veterans of the wars overseas, and discussed his management work to secure our country, to renew the fight against terrorism, American leadership in the world to serve better our troops and military families and honor our veterans. In his speech, President Obama announced a redesign of the Transition Assistance Program.Developed by the Veterans Employment Initiative Job bulldoze the president set last Stately, Transition GPS help faculty of our separation from military families successfully transition to the civilian workforce to start a business, or call the exercise of Hochschulbildung.Der President and the Congress to its veterans job to exceed Corps Gambit and broaden the returning heroes and injured someone all tax credits for businesses that veterans mieten.Zusätzliche background information about President Obama’s job to forgive and to support America’s military families and veterans is incorporated below.Transition GPS: The Transformation of the Transition Assistance Program [V 1] In August 2011 attended President Obama’s flotilla Courtyard Washington to head the Department of Defense and to lead Veterans Affairs to establish a Task Force, the first major redesign of the military Transition Assistance Program (TAP ) entwickeln.Vor in more than 20 years, the President announced SOUND consisted of pre-separation counseling and a deliberate, three-day workshop by the departments of effort, teamwork, and Veterans Affairs, which was presented at selected military installations nationwide, and at almost half of the service members of the UN agency services separately each year.Within his speech to the VFW, the President of the boat was designed by a new transition program, which separates our business service members successfully transition to the civilian labor force, start a business, or pursue training or Hochschulbildung.Diese new transition program Transition GPS is titled:? Expand the program transition period of 3 years up to 5-7 days.
? Strengthen, standardize and expand guidance and counseling resource for all members since leaving the martial law.
? Transformation of the military approach to education, training and credentialing for service members.Transition GPS is performed while the armed forces by the end of 2013 and includes the following main components:? Pre-separation counseling and individual assessment: Finish the new transition program, service members have separate faculty individual counseling to discuss their career goals and begin their transition offense. Then there’s a will, the members’ needs and goals assessment with a personal consultation to benefits, resources and support available coupled across a broad scope of military separation issues.Each member will continue to provide a single transition plan to transfer his or her personal documents, like every right, as the services to be provided it, whether they achieve to meet needs in the fresh transition program Career Readiness Standards.? 5-day Middle Curriculum: The five-day transition GPS Core Curriculum is a financial planning seminar, work, pass the Department of Veterans Affairs is available to be offered to veterans’ benefits and services, and a redesigned store employment by the Department offered are of Labor.The transition service members will also conduct a study, Occupational Safety Code Crosswalk to their military skills, training and experience to civilian occupations, credentials, and employment umzusetzen.Ein Individual Transition Plan meeting the members to search by subject matter experts to identify professional goals and develop a roadmap for the transition.? Additional Account Career Curriculum: In addition to completing the transition GPS Core Curriculum, the transition service members also have the option of participating in a series of tailored ii tracks within days of the transition GPS curriculum: (1) education is a way for all those pursuing a college degree, (2) the technical skills and ground trace, for those who are job-ready skills and industry-recognized credentials in short-term training programs, and (3) an Entrepreneurship track, all of those who start a business.? CAPSTONE event: Prior to the separation of field deployment, service members will participate in a CAPSTONE event, the support that transitioning service members completed the transition GPS curriculum and reached Career Readiness Standards. Service members who need additional assistance, to provide additional training opportunities will be called. In addition, through the CAPSTONE case, all service members a “warm transfer” to be appropriate to state agencies and organizations are available, the metal is in a position to deal with them in endless benefits, services and support as veterans.? Military life cycle model of Transition: The new transition program to integrate job readiness and preparation for transition to the full span of a service member’s career. Occurred in the past transition and preparation of the civilian labor force late in a service member’s time in the military – in the vicinity of the separation point. Under this new program, these concepts are faculty involved earlier to ensure that the advice, expertise, and access to resources, skills or credentials to build occur early stages of a military service member’s term of office.Rent Our veterans
Since the President took office has begun to set element veterans were again committed to work to rebuild and protect America. Of the Joining Forces initiative to encourage the private sector, tens of thousands of veterans and the passage of tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, the President can slog a series of measures implemented to connect veterans job.In addition, the President shall ask the Congress, the Veterans Job Corps proposal that he be able to help the nation, Afghanistan and Iraq veterans to get jobs as police officers and firefighters, as well as to serve their communities through jobs passieren.Die declared by the President record in hiring veterans includes:? Creating Radical Ii Veterans’ Tax Credits: In November 2011, the President into law two new tax-list for the hiring of veterans, both of which he signed as part of the American Jobs Act proposed. The returning heroes Tax Credit provides a carrot up to $ 5600 for companies hiring unemployed veterans and Wounded Warrior Tax Credit doubled the existing tax credit for long-term unemployed veterans with service-connected disability to $ 9,600 for rent. Both loans are hardened to expire at the end of this year, and the President is calling on Congress to extend these loans.? Support for more companies establish Veterans: nine percent of all U.S. firms are owned by veterans and veterans awarded much do 2,4 million more than 5.75 million people. Between 2009 and 2011, supplemented by $ 3 billion above 12000 Small Business Administration loans were shrimpy enterprises by disabled veterans and veterans service.? Entree to increase re-employment-intensive services: post-9/11 veterans are now in a position to the veteran Gold Card, which entitles them to work better with re-employment of six months from personalized case management, assessments and advice to call their local Job Central American download.? Development of online tools to boost employment Seasoned: The Veterans Administration started the job sandbar, an easy-to-use tool to find veterans position postings from companies looking to hire them.He is already looking more than a million job postings and grows. Also launched the Department of Labor to enter My Close Move for veterans, a new online resource that veterans, their military occupation code and read the civilian occupations for which they may be well qualified.? Increase in the hiring of veterans health care-related fields: The President called for Community Health Centers to 8th000 veterans for hire – about a veteran per health center on site – committed over the next three years and the health resources and labor management, incite to career paths also to maintaining and improving opportunities for all veterans to medical assistants are.? Hiring more veterans in the Federal Government: The federal government has helped lead efforts to employ veterans, hiring more than 200,000 veterans since 2009.? Streamlining civilian credentialing for service members and veterans: Founded in the last month, the Department of Defense, the President itinerary, a bailiwick Certifications and Licensing Task Force is to identify the opportunities wherever service members civilian professional qualifications and licenses without need to earn some extra homework. The first operation of each branch of the Militia Task Force worked with the production of credentialing agencies to provide up to 126 000 service members, to gain the industry recognized, nationally-portable certifications for advanced manufacturing jobs.Are used to support our veterans and families Militia
Further steps with the Obama administration to support veterans and military families have taken include:? Strengthening the front: Nether-President Obama has the VA standard record level of funding, with the appointment FY13 budget for $ 64 billion in discretionary disbursal and $ 76 billion in mandatory funding. In addition, the administration has made it clear that veterans benefits are to escape from sequestration.? Strengthening the field and veteran education benefits to help in April, President Obama signed Associate Executive Order assured all of American military personnel, veterans, spouses and other family members have the information they required to meet to make informed educational decisions and be aggressive bastion storm deceptive and targeting of educational institutions.? Extension of benefits for victims of Agent Orange: Over the last two years, VA has processed 230 000 claims and awarded $ 3.62 within violated cardinal retroactive benefits for nearly 130,000 veterans and survivors who were Agent Orange.? Mental Health: The deployment of state Clinical Center (DHCC), a component of Defense Center of Excellence Center, developed the RESPECT-Mil program, the primary care provider allows screen patients for PTSD and delicate, and depression. To sunny day, the Cardinal program has screened millions of original patient care, identifying more than 68,000 service members in addition to previously unmet needs psychological well-being, and referred them to care. The program has a lot to erweitert.Heute than 60 primary care clinics in more than 25 military treatment facilities are more than 1117 DoD Military Family Consultants (MFLC) award to support the top stirring duty installations in all 50 states, four territories and the District of Columbia. In FY11, MFLCs about 6.8 million face-to-face counseling sessions made available.? Exit Veterans Homelessness: The Obama administration is on pace to reach the goal of ending veteran homelessness president until 2015. The number of homeless veterans has dropped 12 percent last from 2010 to 2011 on a given night.? Working to prevent suicide: VA has the place of rational health professionals increased by 48 percent since 2006, announced in April that they would need additional moral health providers in 1600 mieten.Seit 2009, the VA mental health care funds increased by 39 percent. The Department of Defense suicide prevention a top priority, say increased behavioral health services by 35% over the last three age and increases the number of these health care provider before line units.? The elimination of the Disability Claims Backlog: Time Inc. has processed more than one million disability claims in the last period, to do more work remains.VA has 1,200 claims shifted experts to target and tackle the most complex claims in the backlog. The industry is also providing new technologies and procedures to ensure that our veterans receive the timely, qualitative benefits they need and deserve.? Support of the veterans in the vicinity of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: In July 2010, the VA a historic change in the Rules of Procedure, the streamlining of the plot and paperwork required by combat veterans, a claim for disability benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to . trackThe VA has also expanded its mental health programs, hiring more mental health professionals 3500 since 2009. In addition, the VA 2013 Budget Message $ 6.2 billion all initiatives for mental health.? Vietnam Veterans Ceremony: President Obama and the entire state government have a partnership with giving and local governments, private organizations and communities across America to the commemoration of the 50thTo start the anniversary of the Vietnam War, to honor a 13-year program and to give gratitude to a generation of Americans who are proud of our country through one of the top challenging missions we have ever faced and pay compliments to the more than 3 million men and women answered the call of duty with courage and bravery saw.? Traumatic Brain Injury: VA has a comprehensive program to identify, screen, and food all veterans with traumatic intellect injury (TBI), and to ensure that they receive launches patient-centered, integrated care and services.President Obama signed an amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act, to seek people with PTSD and TBI easier legal protection as they look and allows for participation in the labor market opportunities.

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What it actually means, if a male says, “I love you, but I’m not gaga for you”?

My fiance has recently told me that he loves me and cares what happens to me, is not only an inert gas in love with me anymore … that the illusion is gone. We had something that I’m afraid not many people have or have ever experienced mortal. I really thought our “magic” might be something to survive. He lost his job as an engineer (in the auto industry in Ohio) in January and has again had no luck finding work. He says that he (gets financially, etc., this time without more work) the ability, not on what he has to do to focus and concern for me and my worry is.Of the range, not to find a job for a company is not something that is my mood, says an inert gas … But to look in jewelry … he has ambitions back into business for himself (he was self-employed before we met). Achieve this it is working, that helium business, he does not say if I am worried, etc. He has more than more earning potential than I do, and I have small savings / resources – I have ever had and I have perfect credit to rely on them from time to time. I would like all living for today … but I will next blueprint for the future.Maybe my priorities are messed up, but in this situation, I feel that the rewards of beryllium bills first – and so yes, I will be output from gold, to take care of opening a business in these times. He turned in July 50 and he says, at this hotel, it has a colorful left to cry, so … he feels stranded between what he has done (of which the possible need to “go where the the hard work is “is), our relationship and obligations to his old mother and older sister, who is in poor health … They both call for a fairly large part of its support.I feel close to my natural difficulties so many women fall was our party and can not help but also think that if it were not for his job loss we not be here. I feel like we are victims of this recession. Of course, we present earlier in the work through the logistics of paying bills that have been created, which all together … chance to be in my autograph on my credit card, etc. … And to win above all for his own purposes and put it to work and fix the search of his own. Wake Maine upfield when everything is over.
“So the m? L? E is not over yet.Not now for the 1.2 million Americans living with HIV. Not all the Americans who are infected every day. This fight is not over, everything for them, it is no longer for their families, and as a result, it can be concluded for anybody in this room -. And there is certainly no more than your president “
– President Obama, December 1, 2011

Since taking office, President Obama and his administration heap steps to counter the domestic HIV / AIDS epidemic. Under their leadership, we are mortal, to the goal of an AIDS-free generation.

Towards an AIDS-free generation

President Obama and his administration have:

? Based robust support for HIV / AIDS programs. President of the 2013 municipal budget was HIV than $ 22 billion dollars, and domestic HIV funding increased from $ 2.5 billion during his tenure.

? Created and the National HIV / AIDS strategy, which has revived the domestic response to HIV / AIDS, by upgrading implement smarter and coordinated investments in science, prevention, and treatment.

? called on Congress to increase Federal funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program in 2013 U.S. $ 1 billion, because all Americans living with HIV / AIDS should have entree to life-prolonging treatment.

? carry out the implementation of affordable care which module increase HIV testing and access to treatment for more than 30 million Americans. Estimated 3.8 million African-Americans and 5.4 million Latinos, populations at risk for HIV inimitable, in addition to covering the year 2016 under the new law.

? Addressing HIV stigma and discrimination, including through the repeal of the HIV travel ban and supports the support of affordable precision Act prohibiting the reporting of medical conditions, including HIV.

? Proven ground-breaking National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Center for Bug Control (CDC) research that make a difference in people’s lives is through the development of new life-prolonging HIV treatment and prevention technologies.

American Leadership in Deed

American leadership in the epidemic was crucial for the remarkable progress we haben.In made in HIV prevention and treatment of the early days of the epidemic helped scientists lead key research at the NIH, which led to the identification of HIV and proven that it causes AIDS, and later oversaw the development of AZT, the first drug to treat AIDS.

Today, thanks to scientific advances in treatment, a person living with HIV on treatment expected that to live an almost normal life expectancy.About partly a cardinal people living with HIV receive effort and consideration by the Ryan White program, which was founded in 1990 and with consistent bipartisan support of Congress through four administrations beibehalten.Erfolgreiche Prevention, more than 350,000 new infections prevented and mother-child transmission HIV declined from more than 90% since the early 1990s. HIV prevention has also generated substantial economic benefits. A recent study AGENCY rough that our hard work have recovered Prevention $ 129.9 billion in medical costs averted.

Despite our remarkable progress in preventing new infections and save lives, there are approximately 50,000 new HIV infections in the United States each year and nearly 20% of people living with HIV do not know they are dirty. There are nearly 1.1 million people are aware of, along with HIV in the United States to continue many of their access to life-prolonging treatment and attention is lacking.

Creating an AIDS-free generation

To better meet the local epidemic, President Obama directed the White House Office of National AIDS principle to work with scientists, health and AIDS-provider provision to develop, lawyers and people with HIV / AIDS to the nation’s first comprehensive national HIV / AIDS Strategy (NHA). The implementation of the NHA has revived hope and brought vibrancy of the local AIDS response.

The National Strategy has four main objectives: to reduce new HIV infections in order to access to care and improvement to enhance the results, on HIV-related health inequalities and injustices, reduce, and more than a coordinated national response to The epidemic reached.These objectives are to a certain behavior steps that provide a roadmap for achieving them tied up, including: intensification of HIV prevention in communities where HIV is most concentrated, expanding availability of HIV-charge support advanced laboratory reporting; Addressing health inequalities by focusing on public determinants, and to improve coordination and cooperation within national agencies.To

Several national ministries and authorities for domestic HIV / AIDS epidemic response through the promotion of HIV testing and linking people with HIV, medical care and the provision of lifesaving drugs, inhabited, and various services. They include:

? NIH is responsible for the largest public investment in HIV / AIDS research on the planet.To be NIH fund a global network of researchers, working conditions, HIV and understand how it causes disease; impede discovery of new tools to combat HIV pollution, cultivate new and more effective treatments for people with HIV dirty, and ultimately discover a patch to end the epidemic.

? CDC is primarily responsible for the outcome of national domestic HIV prevention. CDC provides technical assistance and donation for the welfare departments and community organizations pursuing the epidemic through surveillance, prevention measures identified by new research,.HIV education campaigns and leads

? The health resources and employment services to the Ryan White HIV / AIDS program works in the vicinity of cities, states and community-based organizations across the country to HIV-related work to people who do not have sufficient funds in the health care or to provide fiscal resources.

? The U.S. Department of Suburban and Urban Development, the housing options for people with AIDS Program grantees complex with the whole nation, the funds for subsidized housing and related support services provide all people with HIV / AIDS.

? The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services cover all the medical care and prescription drugs for eligible persons living with HIV / AIDS.

? AIDS.gov expands the visibility of the federal HIV policies, programs and resources, and calls government and other stakeholders to use new media tools to expand the reach of their HIV prevention, testing and treatment to extend work

view. in the future
Domestic efforts to surround the epidemic will be based on the NHA and to focus on investments in evidence-based approaches to effective HIV prevention and treatment.These include:

? Increasing expansion of health coverage for HIV testing and rely on access to life-prolonging treatments.

? Support of evidence-based HIV prevention work hard, including the distribution of condoms, HIV testing, care and use elements of comprehensive anti-retroviral treatment to protect partners.

? Practical, related to HIV stigma and discrimination, including by reducing the enforcement of antidiscrimination laws and finish negation of the sum insured on the basis of pre-existing conditions.

? Continuing to support a robust research portfolio and research on the development of a safe and effective vaccine against HIV and a cure is concentrated.

? Concentration of effort to engage populations halogen largest risk for HIV in the United States, including gay men and women of color.

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